Know your enemy

On June 9th, I gave a brief speech titled “Know your enemy” within the Cyber academy initiative promoted by ANRA, the Italian national organization of risk and insurance managers.

“The first event of the Cyber academy is dedicated to the contextualization of risk […]. If the point of view of those who are subject to risks is well known, there are not many opportunities to look at the other side of the coin, that of the attackers. How do attackers identify their potential targets? What are their main motivations? We will have the opportunity to discuss these topics directly with Marco Ivaldi, Technical Director at HN Security”. 

The full video of the event (in Italian) is available on YouTube:

For those, like myself, who prefer to read an article instead of watching a video (or just don’t understand Italian), I have prepared a fairly accurate transcription of my talk. You can find it here.