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Red Teaming

Red teaming is the practice of […]

Application Assessment

For almost all organizations, data is what […]

System Assessment

Applications store, process, and transmit mission-critical […]

Network Assessment

Applications and servers are the fundamental […]

IoT Assessment

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network […]

SCADA/ICS Assessment

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) […]

Banking/Fintech Assessment

Financial services are the economic services provided […]

Platform Assessment

Security should not be an afterthought. […]

28 November 2023

Big update to my Semgrep C/C++ ruleset

“The attack surface is the vulnerability. […]

7 November 2023

OST2, Zephyr RTOS, and a bunch of CVEs

“When hackers tell me it’s so […]

24 October 2023

Customizing Sliver – Part 3

In this third and final post […]

24 October 2023

Customizing Sliver – Part 2

Hello! This is the second part […]