The INFILTRATE effect: 6 bugs in 6 months

What better way to inaugurate our brand new research blog than with an INFILTRATE talk?

After having a blast at INFILTRATE 2019, I decided to come back a year later for a follow-up talk about the will to hack stuff and enjoy it like it was 1999. It took a bit more than a year (courtesy of the pandemic), but the video is finally available for everybody to watch.

So, how can you become a vulnerability researcher? In about 50 minutes, I do my best to answer this question, by describing my journey in hunting 0day vulnerabilities, how I got back in shape as a security researcher, and what my research ultimately led to. In this new talk, I share my audit methodology, provide practical tips and tricks, and demonstrate my latest exploits.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the obligatory party pack, which includes the slide deck, official advisories, and bonus 0day exploits:

Happy hacking!