My last Solaris talk (not your average keynote)

It’s been a few days since #RomHack2021, during which I’ve had the chance to present “My last Solaris talk (not your average keynote)“.

Here’s the abstract:

“This is not your average keynote. Instead of talking buzzwords, I will be dissecting a particularly challenging memory corruption exploit I wrote last year. In a web’s world, a binary exploitation talk should be considered weird enough… But no! On top of that, this specific vulnerability is a format string bug, exploited on an obscure architecture. I hope you will enjoy my last Solaris talk.”

And here’s the video of my presentation:

The slides and photos are already online at the official website of the event. I’ve also uploaded all materials related to my talk to my party pack repository on GitHub. Stay tuned for a soon to be published article that will expand on my presentation and will provide additional details on the exploit development process. 

For me, RomHack was a special occasion to meet (very) old and new friends in a pleasantly relaxed and hacker-friendly atmosphere. After 18+ months of online only conferences, this was literally a breath of fresh air. 

I’d like to thank all the people who came to have a chat and gave me their kind feedback. I hope to have inspired some of the young, talented hackers I met. And of course, I’d like to give my special thanks to the conference staff for their flawless organization and for having me as a speaker. 

See you next year at the RomHack Camp!